Heavy Turning

Heavy Turning, Drums, Rotors & Shafts, Trapezoidal Thread, Balancing

We deliver large turned parts, up to 4 m diameter and 12 m length:

  • large columns for pre-stressed press-frames
  • columns for injection moulding and aluminium diecast-machines
  • rollers and shafts for paper- and film-machines
  • large pistons and cylinders for hydraulic cylinders
  • large flanges for mining and other machines

We also carry out repair and overhaul-work, like we do for ABB:

41-2 ABB-Rotor

Heavy Duty lathe for drums:

Schwerlast-Maschine für schwere Teile im mittleren Bereich bis 1,5 m Durchmesser

A heavy-duty machine is shown for heavy medium-sized parts up to 1,5 m diameter

Long lathes for long shafts, long rods and pistons:

Very long parts are possible:

  • A drive-shaft with 11 meter length is shown
  • tight tolerances for the assembly of bearings
  • a trapezoidal thread, 3-fold, with a length of 7,5 meters !
  • we work with moving supports and a lot of experience !


Balancing of shafts:

  • shafts and rods can also be balanced
  • different balancing qualities are possible, depending on final application, according to ISO 1940
  • usually we do a 2-dimensional balancing, i.e. at the 2 bearing locations
  • shown a stainless steel shaft for 900 turns per minute

Edelstahl-Welle für 900 U/min