High quality and low final cost through in-house production:


  • Design and Engineerning in Walluf-on-Rhine, near Wiesbaden and Frankfurt
  • Our “Head of Design Department”, Mr. Lottré, designs hydraulic cylinders for Hans Holland since 1972 !
  • This large know-how gives our customers the security that all new cylinders will run perfectly and smooth right from the start
Design of telescopic cylinders with up to 8 stages, simultaneous or working one after the other

Design of telescopic cylinders with up to 8 stages, simultaneous or working one after the other

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  • CNC-milling in all dimensions: more than 40 milling machines working every day !
  • CNC-turning up to 4 meter in diameter and 12 meter in length: more than 20 lathes running in 2 and 3 shifts every day!
  • Gun-drilling up to 4,5m from each side
  • 3 kilns for heat treatment up to 6m in length and 3 sand-blasting machines
  • Horizontal and vertical honing for inner and outer diameter
  • Flat-grinding up to 8m in length and 2m in width
  • Rotary-grinding up to 6m in lenght and 850mm diameter
  • Nitriding in-house; chrome and nickel and zinc from galvanic suppliers up to 11m
  • Assembly in separate assembly halls; gantry cranes in assembly with 50 ton and 20 ton capacity
  • Powder-coating and spray-painting on a daily 2-shift routine
  • CNC-measurement machines Zeiss, Stiefelmayer, FARO, Mitutoyo, X-ray from Philips2-8 Pressen-ZylinderPräzisions-Messung auf der Maschine 2
  • Measuring with FARO-arm directly on the machine ! by our FARO-specialist
  • Pressure-testing of final cylinders with a quality-certificate
  • more than 180 employees in production plus some 20 engineers and project managers
  • Large stock of special seals: more than 1.000 different seals are deliverable the same day !
  • We are certified to ISO 9001 and deliver to the automotive manufacturers and large OEMS every week
  • We assemble the cylinders horizontally and vertically in our separate assembly hall

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We cover all process steps in-house; this results in time and cost-advantages for you!

We can offer lower prices than the competition